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    Pediatric Care at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Montana

    Pediatric TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) and sleep therapy involve the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the jaw joint and sleep-related issues in children. These two areas are interconnected, as jaw function and sleep quality can influence each other. Here are some key considerations:

    Pediatric TMJ & Sleep

    Why Pediatric Care Matters:

    Pediatric TMJ and sleep disorders wield considerable influence over a child’s development and general well-being. Timely intervention and appropriate treatment are imperative to prevent enduring health issues and ensure the thriving of children.

    Our Pediatric Services:

    • Early Diagnosis: We conduct thorough assessments to identify TMJ and sleep-related concerns in children promptly, allowing for timely intervention.

    • Customized Treatment: Our team devises personalized treatment plans tailored to each child’s distinct needs, recognizing that children’s requirements differ from those of adults.

    • Parental Involvement: Actively engaging parents and guardians in their child’s treatment plan ensures a collaborative effort to enhance the child’s health.

    • Education: We prioritize empowering both children and parents with knowledge about the conditions and available treatment options.

    Common Pediatric Symptoms:

    • Jaw Pain: Children may express complaints of jaw pain, a symptom that can sometimes be overlooked or mistakenly attributed to other causes.

    • Sleep Disturbances: Sleep issues such as snoring or sleep apnea can impact a child’s overall health and daytime functioning.

    • Chronic Headaches: Frequent headaches can serve as an early indicator of TMJ disorders in children.

    • Behavioral Changes: Sleep disorders may lead to irritability, mood swings, and behavioral changes in children.

    • Academic Performance: Poor sleep can adversely affect a child’s academic performance and overall quality of life.

    We Can Help!

      We are dedicated to addressing these issues in children, ensuring they embark on life with the best possible foundation. Our objective is to deliver effective treatment for pediatric patients, enabling them to enjoy their childhood, thrive, and reach their full potential.

      If you suspect that your child may be displaying symptoms related to TMJ disorders or sleep issues, reach out to us without hesitation. Our caring team of experts is ready to assist, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the young patients under our care.

      Feel free to contact us to schedule an evaluation and discover more about our pediatric care services at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Montana.

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      Rae Tcherneshoff
      Rae Tcherneshoff
      My treatment has been nothing short of life changing. I have struggled with TMJ issues for about 10 years and it got much worse in the last year. After treatment here, I can now chew on both sides of my mouth, open my jaw all the way, no more clicking or popping, and finally no pain or ringing ears. I was skeptical at first, but Dr. VanDkye REALLY knows what she’s talking about and all the women in the office are so helpful!
      Josie Gordon
      Josie Gordon
      Dr VanDyke is so knowledgeable and well educated in Sleep Disorders. She is a wonderful, caring, compassionate person. The staff is so friendly and nice that I look forward to going to the office! They are an incredible group of women😇☀️😃
      Cheri Waring
      Cheri Waring
      I started with TMJ &Sleep Therapy Center in June this year. I was grinding teeth with mouth pieces made at the dentist offices that didn't help with my other issues. HEADACHES, not sleeping, jaw popping, pain in right ear, sinus issues. I was hoping only for help with headaches and sleep, and grinding. I recieved my more than ever expected. I sleep through the night, headache free, popping gone. Mouth pieces are so different than others I have had made. They truly gave me my life back. Thank you!
      Norman G.
      Norman G.
      The staff is wonderful, and so knowledgeable. My wife had been suffering for a long time with jaw pain, none of the medical doctors were able to help her. Finally, after treatment she has had no more pain and life is good!
      Lenora Snider
      Lenora Snider
      Very helpful, knowledgeable, friendly. Made sure you understand everything that you have discussed .